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Flip the Flamingo V: Scoot Back to High School
February 17-20, 2012

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The faculty and staff of Suncoast High School, home of the Mighty Flamingos, invite you to our 5th reunion! Join us as we relive the pep rallies, the prom, graduation and even the beloved cafeteria and its glamourous lunch ladies!

If you’d like to view photos and videos from our past fly ins click here.

Come join us for what is always a fun time!




Who We Are

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The Suncoast Squares is the premier gay and lesbian square dancing club of the west coast of Florida. The Suncoast Squares has been a proud member of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs since 2004.

For almost six years the Suncoast Squares has been offering square dancing classes and dances in St. Petersburg. The club started dancing at the now-demolished Suncoast Resort on 34th Street South, moved to the Metro Center on 3rd Avenue North, and currently dances at King of Peace MCC on 5th Avenue North. We welcome all to dance with us.

The Suncoast Squares hosts its annual fly in, Flip the Flamingo, in February. This weekend of dancing draws square dancers and callers from as far away as Europe and western Canada.


No organization can exist without the work of dedicated people. The Suncoast Squares is no exception. Here are our board members and others that dedicate their time to the club on a consistent basis.

John O. & Leo C., Co-Presidents
Linda T., Vice President
Janet B. & Ken B., Co-Treasurers
Linda T., Class Coordinator
Margaret V., Banner Raid Coordinator
Jerry S., Newsletter Editor
Steve V., Webmaster
Roger R., Coffee Guru and Club Cheerleader
Stephen W. & Tom K., Room Set Up and Front Table Helpers
Tom K. & Grace W., Extraordinary Snack Providers

Student Resources

Animations of square dance calls, click here

Saddlebrooke Squares:
Real people perform square dance calls,click here


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